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Why the last place for me…?

The readings point to humility, a beautiful virtue. True humility, however, is not commonly understood. Sometimes we think that humility is not to show our talents, or to disguise them and even lie about them, in order for others to think that we are not proud. The person who does that usually thinks that those talents are his property, his own “beauty,” and therefore thinks that he is better than he looks like. That is why, when someone treats that person harshly, or when someone does not recognize or appreciate what he does, he becomes angry, he feels hurt, and fights for recognition.

True humility is not only to humble myself: it comes from a judgment of myself. The truly humble person thinks and recognizes that he, of his own accord, has nothing good, but whatever good he has is a gift from God, or from others as well. The truly humble person recognizes that whatever is bad in himself, it is his, and that is why he cannot take the first place: the truly humble person takes the last place because he recognizes that it is his place, the only one he deserves.

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An instrument of peace. But of
true peace.

The Mass: a “service”? A
service for whom?

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