St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

Jubilee of Mercy -Homily June 12, 2015

St. Mary Secondary School Mass


Jesus is the face of the Mercy of God. Jesus is the face of the love of God. Jesus on the Cross is the face of the love of God. Does God love me? The cross is the answer. How much does God love me? To death on a cross. (Cf. Philippians 2 6-11) Could he change his mind, could he change his heart? Jesus is nailed to the cross because of his love for us. Does Jesus mind if I am a sinner? Jesus came to save sinners, not to condemn. Jesus can do nothing for those who think that they are perfect. Jesus came to save sinners. He approached sinners to offer them repentance and forgiveness. Jesus does mind that I am a sinner, but precisely because of that, he offers me the possibility of forgiveness.


I am thinking especially of those who will soon leave the school to begin your journey in the world, in a certain sense, by yourselves. People in the world many times will love you for their own sake. People in the world will use you, and when you are no more useful they will abandon you. Even your friends may fail; the people you love the most. Before you leave school, I want to present you with the only thing that can help you when everybody else leaves you alone. The Cross. Jesus is someone that loves you for your own sake. Jesus does not need anything from us, but he knows that we need him. We need to know that he loves us, we need his love, we need his forgiveness. The heart of Jesus is always open to you, ready to love you and satisfy your infinite desire of love and joy.


I want you to understand well what it means that Jesus is forgiving and merciful. For some people the mercy of God is something like this: you are a sinner, you are a bad person, I dont care, there is no solution for you. I will not punish you, but I will not make you a better person either. No, this is not God. God sees that we do wrong things, but he doesnt take the attitude of those who judge and say: Of course, see, that is what you are. What else can we expect from you? God sees that you do wrong, and he immediately comes and says: I am sorry, this is wrong. But if you want, I will help you, and you will try again. I can help you, I want you to be good, and by being a good person to be perfectly happy on earth and with me in Heaven. You may say to him: I do not need your help. And he says: I am sorry but just in case you change your mind, I will wait for you on the cross, nailed and with open arms.


Dear friends, in this year of Mercy, let us all be open to receive the mercy of God. Let us not make him wait. Let us approach him in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is the embrace of his mercy. Let us approach him in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, which is his kiss of love. Fr. Andrew