St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

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June 2015


A Fathers Gift To His Children On Fathers Day


My dear children! To remain faithful to the Christian faith and tradition in this world of ours is like living on an island in the ocean of secularism. However, since we are in this world but not of this world (Jn 15:19), your mother and I wish to ask you not to break the link with Christianity.  We both adhere to our Catholic Church and we know in our heart and soul that our faithfulness to Jesus Christ has been a blessing for both of us, individually and as a couple living in Holy Matrimony. 


We also know, and we are forever grateful, that Gods most endearing blessings are the precious gifts of the three of you. Our caring hearts encourage you to remain Christians because we love you and we wish that our children, and our childrens children, also share in the unique gifts of our faith and its traditions.


The presence of Christian values in the world has contributed significantly and tangibly to the welfare of society for over two millennia. Its amazing to reflect on the incredible influence of Christianity in the Western World. It was Christianity, largely through the involvement of Catholic monks, who preserved learning and science from barbarian destruction and from the decadent Roman Empire, and at the same time converted both. When you travel across the Old Continent you will see that the sites worthwhile visiting (as suggested by all travel agents) are the beautiful artistic works and the magnificent architectural designs that were created and built by Christians.


Western literature and music also owe an enormous debt to Christianity. For many centuries the artists, believers as well as non-believers, produced works that were inspired, shaped and motivated by Christian themes. 


The oldest universities were established, maintained and further developed by Christian congregations.  The Bible was the first major book printed. In addition, Christians authored inestimable numbers of art and science books.


Human dignity is another of the cherished contributions of Christianity. Not only do Christian teachings uphold the dignity of all human beings, but they particularly call for respect of the poor and vulnerable. By its defense of human dignity, Christianity also provided the inspiration for campaigns to end slavery and achieve democracy.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, based on the premise that all human lives have worth and that all lives count equally, was derived from Christianity. 


Although taken for granted today, the Christian precepts of mutual love and charity were also behind the establishment of hospitals and orphanages.


Have Christians made mistakes? Alas, yes, sometimes even terrible blunders! However, these were man-made, carried out by people that were not following Jesus teachings, but their own ambition and pride. Nevertheless, the Churchs history is abundant with great men and women, stunning art, superior intellect, exceptional beauty and last but not least heroic sacrifices. Its worth considering what a contrast all this is with the waste of precious time in the hollow jibber-jabber that surrounds us these days.


All these and much more make us what we are today. Therefore, my dear children, it is important that as individuals and as a family we continue to encourage each other to remain faithful to our loving God, to Our Lords teachings, and to Christianity, within our Roman Catholic faith and traditions.


As we deepen the knowledge of our faith, and live the divine gifts of the Sacraments in our mind, heart, body and soul, then we will share in the promise of peace in this life and in the next.


Prepared by Laszlo DeRoth, Lecturer, Knights of Columbus Council 1970