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October 28, 2015




Dear Parishioners,


Our Holy Father Pope Francis has urged parishes to take a refugee family, setting an example by having the Vatican parishes make a commitment to this outreach. As Fr. Andrew told us all last weekend, St. Michaels Parish will be sponsoring a Syrian refugee family of five. It is a time of urgent need when many are living in tent cities. Our Christian faith calls us to extend our care and compassion to the Syrian refugees at this time of crisis (Matthew 25: 34-40).


We are working with the Peterborough Diocese in this project and have registered our commitment with the Diocesan Chancellor of Temporal Affairs, Fr. Peter Seabrooke. The Diocese is working in partnership with Casa Maria, a Refugee Sponsorship Program that has been administered by Sr. Ruth Hennessy of the Sisters of St. Joseph for over 20 years. Their experience and support will be most significant in navigating this process successfully.


Other parishes have stepped up to take on a refugee family, including Newcastle, Grafton & Port Hope. There are numerous sponsorships in Peterborough that are in process. Sponsorship cost vary according to the size of family. Parishes make choices of family size from 1-6 or more members according to their ability to fundraise and provide the necessary back-up support. As these families are refugees, they may be Muslim or of any religion.


We of the St. Michaels Refugee Committee, with Fr. Andrew, made the choice of a family of five. The estimated cost is $30,000.00 for this size. It is a one year financial commitment. In this sponsorship program there are no matching funds from the government. We have already raised over $16,000.00.












In the meantime we need to raise 80% of the total cost by November 30, 2015. This means that we will have to raise $8,000.00 in additional funds. Already parishioners are generously dropping by the parish office with monetary donations. In the space of days, another $1,000.00 has been donated, lowering the amount needed by the end of November.


If you are able to once again make a donation, please make your cheque payable to St. Michaels Church marked Refugee Family. This donation can be put it in the collection basket. Be sure to mark the envelope with your name and address on the envelope for income tax purposes. Alternatively, you may come by the Parish Office during office hours to make this donation.


Look for our fundraising projects coming up!


Thanking you for your generosity and prayers.


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Andrew Ayala, IVE

Pastor, St. Michaels Parish





Sr. Linda Gregg, CSJ

Chair Refugee Committee

Phone: 905-372-2741 Email:


Core Committee Members:

Treasurer: Sylvia Barrett Secretary: Carol Lawless

Pat Fleming, Gary & Pat James, Bob Clement, Judy Cross, Moira Cascone