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Three ways to wait for the Lord -Homily July 31, 2016

Three ways to wait for the Lord -Homily July 31, 2016


There are two ways in which we can wait for the coming of the Lord, and a third way, which is not to be waiting for him at all.


1. The first way is to wait for the Lord as if he were an auditor. At the moment you do not expect, one day, the Lord will come and ask you for an account of your deeds. Nobody likes audits. Better said, people who are not faithful in administration, or who are not careful at least, are afraid of audits. You fool! This very night your life is being demanded of you. Judgment is certain, and also death, but not the time. When will we be audited? Are we ready for that? When will we be audited for our works, for the opinions we express in front of other people, for the things we do in hiding, for our good and bad thoughts, for the things we should have done and did not? When will our time be? In my short life I have buried people of all ages, including priests. Our relationship with God cannot be a matter of fear, I agree. But when the danger is real, sometimes fear wakes us up, and makes us put things straight. The Bible says: The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.


2. The second way to wait for the Lord is like the bride for the bridegroom, or like when you wait for an old friend who comes to visit you from a distant province. I remember the first time my parents came to visit me here. I wanted them to have a great time, to find me well and not stressed or upset; I had to organize some outings, made sure that the meals were scheduled, that their place was ready and to their comfort, etc. When someone comes to visit, your house must be clean and tidy, the meal must be ready and the beer in the fridge. You want to look well for your friend. All those preparations are done with one purpose: to please the visitor. The expectation is joyful and, if you are really looking forward to your visitor, it is not so hard for you to get ready.


The issue for us here is: how do I give God a good impression when he comes to pick me up? How can I prepare myself for him? What is it that he likes the most? Mercy, that is what he wants. Give of your things to the poor, give forgiveness to those who wrong you in any way. And do not forget that you yourself have to be clothed with his grace, cleansed from your own sins. If we love God above all things, we will always be ready and looking forward to his coming.


3. The third type of person is actually not waiting at all. It is exactly what happen to the guy in the parable. He was enjoying how much he had in the bank, and did not realize that he had no good works in his heart. He feasted his eyes in his own abundance, and did not see his sisters and brothers who had nothing to see but their misery. He was planning to make more room for his new car, but he forgot to make more room for God in his life. He was planning to have a good life on earth, and he found death instead, that very night. The god-money did not help him to preserve his life, and the true God found him unworthy of eternal life. What a pity, what a waste: all those riches on earth, and their owner in hell.


Ones life does not consist in the abundance of possessions, says the Lord. Let us then be rich in front of God. Let us use money to care for people. Let us love people to be rich in front of God. May God be our treasure. Time is money: let us use our time to store many good works in the account of God. Let us look forward to the day in which we will be able to say to Jesus: Look, my Lord, look how much I did for the poor, look how much I did for my neighbour, for the sick, for the single mothers. Look how many times I forgave my neighbour. I did it for you, my Lord. May the Lord find us ready, clean and tidy, when he comes. Fr. Andrew