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The Mass: a service

The Mass: a service? A service for whom? -Homily August 7, 2016


What is a religious service? Is it something a minister provides for people to enjoy? I dont think I am such a good entertainer, or that people come to Mass because they are provided a service, like a fitness lesson or a haircut. The Mass is not a service for the people, but a service for God. We go to Mass not because we have time, but because it is our duty. But not the duty of an employee or the duty of a slave Let me explain a little bit more what is the reason we celebrate Mass. And I will not say all the things that could be said, because there is no time. I hope that you find helpful what I will say today, and that God tells you the rest.


1. The first reason we come to Mass is because we want to give thanks to God for his love. There are many things that show us the love of God. Each one of us can think of so many blessings that he or she has received in life, in his or her family, carrier, opportunities, events, trips, relationships, etc. But there are two things in particular for which all of us need to be thankful: the love of God manifested on the Cross, especially in the holy Eucharist we receive, and the promise of eternal life. God loves us, and because of that he gives us the opportunity of a perfect happiness, if we want to be his children and behave as such. He bought us at the price of his blood. This is a great kindness, it is a great gift. It means that we mean so much to God.


We may have had the experience of having done so much for people, or even for our children, and not having being recognized as we had expected. Sometimes people do not even say thank you, or they do not even pick up the phone and call We dont want to do the same with God. That is why we come to church. What shall I render to the LORD for all his benefits to me? says the psalm. And the psalm answers right away: I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD, I will pay my vows to the LORD in the presence of all his people (Psalm 116). It is not enough to give thanks at home, we need to show ourselves grateful, because otherwise we would be giving a bad example. Also, we need to give thanks all together as a community because we have received a benefit as a community. In Argentina, if we win the world cup, nobody stays home: everybody goes downtown to celebrate for hours. Jesus died for all men and women; he won for us Heaven with his own blood. We need to be grateful, we need to be good children. That is why we come to Mass.


2. Another reason we come to Mass is to ask forgiveness for our sins. It is also a duty. But not the duty of a slave. Maybe it has happened to us, that we offended our father or our mother, or someone we loved. At that time we were angry, we thought we had the right to do it because of what had happened, etc. But time goes by, and we dont feel well, we feel that there is a pending matter in our life. And maybe one day you take courage and go and say sorry. What a beautiful moment! What a liberation!


This is the kind of duty I am talking about: to say sorry to God is to realize that we have received so much, and we have not treated God in a correspondent manner. We need to set things right. We need to show him that we are sorry, and that we know that he is also sorry for what we did, and that we will try to do better from now on. The beautiful part of saying sorry to our God is that we know that he will always forgive. Not because forgiveness is cheap, but because his love is blood, his love is fire, his love is like a flood, like an abyss of mercy. He has already died to forgive us, that is why it is so easy for him. He has experience of what it means to be hurt, and what it means to forgive those who kill you and those who deny you three times. He rose again from the dead to forgive: to forgive Peter his denials, to forgive Thomas his unbelief, to forgive the apostles their lack of courage, to forgive Paul his persecution.


Therefore, when we come to Mass, we do not come to receive anything from a man. If people want jokes or music or entertainment, there are much better places than a church to get that. To come to Mass is like to go to the house of our father. We come to ask forgiveness for our lack of love and gratefulness, we come to release our conscience and leave it naked in front of God. We come for liberation. We come to share the sorrow of our Father for our sins; we come to tell him that we are also sorry for what happened. We come to set things right. Also, and most importantly, we come to say thank you. Not only for the gifts we have received, but mainly for his love. Let me explain this.


If people give you gifts, but you realize that they dont really love you, you may even feel insulted. Gifts are sometimes a way to buy people (I give you this, do this for me), or a way to get rid of people (I give you this, now dont bother me). We like gifts, but we prefer the love of a person. This is what makes you feel great. When a person gives you his or her heart, when you realize that a person is interested in what happens to you, when a person gives you his or her time, his or her life, then you feel great. The heart of Jesus is like that. The love of God is like that. He not only gives you gifts, he wants to be with you. He wants to make you feel great. He has time for you (eternal time, eternal life), he does not need anything from you. He only wants your love. We come to Mass to give him the love he is looking for. We come to Mass to give him thanks for his love.


This, I believe, is active participation in the liturgy. You are not spectators here, but actors. You have to say sorry, you have to say thank you. Enjoy Mass, but remember that the one who enjoys Mass the most is God himself. He is very happy to see you here. And as the Gospel says, he will have you sit down to eat, and he will come and serve you: at the table of the Eucharist, and in Heaven. Fr. Andrew