St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

Thank you, Cobourg

Thank you, Cobourg. Thank you, Lord. Finale:-Homily December 4, 2016


This is to thank God for you.


Our Lady said once: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my saviour, for he has looked with favour on his lowly servant The almighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name. I feel something like that. Because God looked with favour on me, truly a lowly servant, as I will explain, and did great things for me, giving me the grace of this parish, and of you my dear parishioners, to whom I owe so much.


Let me say this but in the form of a play. The scene is at the office of the Lord, in Heaven. St. Peter enters the office with his laptop and sits in front of the desk of the Lord, who is probably texting Our Lady.

On the earth, it was the summer of 2010, more than 6 years ago.


- Good morning, Lord.

- Good morning. Work?

- Well, yeah. We need a new pastor for St. Michaels in Cobourg.

- Look at the IVE order, what do they have?

- Mmmmm No, they have only a seminary professor, who has no parish experience.

He is in Peru now.

- Send him.

- To Cobourg? (St. Peter doesnt want to contradict) Well, there is always a first time

for everyone, no? Ah but he doesnt speak English either. Not good.

- Everybody in Cobourg speaks English. They will teach him.

- Right! But, oops, notice this: he has no idea what a cheque book is, let alone


- I will give him Ria Collins as a secretary. She will take care of that. And they have the

best finance committee.

- But Lord: in that church there is a lot of property, and this guy only knows philosophy.

- They have Barry May there, and I will give him the best property committee. No


- (St. Peter cannot hold it and bursts:) He cant even cook!

- I will give him Marilou, who cooks like my Mother.

- But Lord, please: this parish is too big, there are so many groups, and he doesnt

have the nerves for that.

- People in Cobourg are the most noble and generous I have: they will love him and

help him. And he has a nice voice. I like him.

- He gets impatient very easy, and is too weak!

The Lord kept silence, and looked at Peter. Peter knew those eyes from somewhere

else, but by the time he remembered (cf. Luke 22:61), it was too late. The Lord said to


- Too weak? I remember at my Last Supper, I had a friend, I ordained him priest, and

that very night he gave me the greatest proof of his weakness: he denied me three

times. Would you make someone like that pope? Well, I did, and here we are, still,

2000 years after: nothing has prevailed against my Church. If that friend of mine could

become a pope, why can Andrew not be my pastor in Cobourg?

- But why do you do this? Why are you so good to us?

- Because my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Co 12:9), that is, my power is

evident and at work when someone weak can do great things. Because I chose the

worlds lowborn and despised, those who count for nothing, to reduce to nothing those

who were something, so that mankind can do no boasting before God (1 Co 1:28-29).

That is why I am so good to you. I know you guys are nothing, and that is why I give

you everything. Because I love you, and you make me happy when you allow me to b

good to you.

- (St. Peter wiped his tears, and asked:) OK, then, so Fr. Andrew, Pastor?

- Yes, but tell him to consecrate the parish to my Mother. If She doesnt help him, he will

make a mess. Also, tell him to let people help him and to be grateful. And to thank me

every day for all I have given him. He will be fine.


Today I thank the Lord for what he has given me. You are the gift God gave me. I wish I could say all the things I have learned and enjoyed by being with you. From now on, if I achieve anything it will be your achievement too, because I owe you what I am today. I owe it to your prayers, to your patience, to your support, to your affection. Thank you, Cobourg, thank you, Lord. I cant be happier than this.


Let us give thanks to the Lord, and let us allow him to be good to us. Let us always trust in his merciful help, which does not depend on our perfection, but on his goodness and love. Fr. Andrew


(When I write these lines, I keep in mind my people in the retirement homes, and those who for any reason could not make it to the church today. Peterborough is not so far, and even the world is small for the one who loves. See you! God bless.)