St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

All praise and thanksgiving and glory to our God. Jesus is truly risen. Alleluia! Happy Easter to all of you!

And in the Gospel, the women went to the tomb, the place where they laid him to rest. And two messengers told them: "He is not here. Why are you looking for him here, in the place of the dead? He has been raised." Has been raised by whom? By God. Yes, his earthly existence ended in the tomb, but new life came. This human Jesus has now entered the very life and power of God.

He did not return to earthly life, the life that we know. If he just returned to earthly life, then one day he will die again. And there is no point to our faith, according to Saint Paul. And there is no point to our testimony. All the apostles will be considered liars, false prophets, if Jesus did not rise to the life of God. And that's our faith. It is not just a return to life but entering into God's very life. And possessing God's life, Jesus is no longer confined to and determined by time and space. He can enter closed doors. He can penetrate closed and fearful hearts. He can walk with us, even if we do not recognize him. Oh, the life with God.

The one who was buried is no longer in the tomb. He does not belong to the dead. He is alive in God. He is truly the Son of God. And because of that, our faith is real. Our faith gives us sure hope.

Let us learn from the women. Those who accompanied Jesus during his mission, those who love Jesus. It is a search motivated by love. It is a search motivated by their attachment to the one who had loved them. And they were privileged to witness the power of the Resurrection.

But after searching for Jesus, and hopefully seeing him, thanks to his grace, go, like the women! Go to others! Tell them the Good News! Tell them that the tomb is empty! Tell them that Jesus has been raised by God! Tell them that God has triumphed. Tell them.