St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

Epiphany and the love of Jesus

I wanted to share this with you and your families, especially with the children. I wrote this for last weekend, the Epiphany. -Fr. Andrew

Epiphany and the love of Jesus

Three wise men came from afar to see Jesus. They probably travelled for many days, perhaps months to see Jesus. They didn't have a highway, or a car. They travelled by camels. They had to sleep for many days along the way. They missed their own country, but they said: "We have to go to Bethlehem, to see the new born king, because he is a king, he is God". The trip was so difficult, but they didn't care: they loved Jesus, they loved God, and for this reason they made the trip.

St. Anthony was a saint who performed many miracles. When he was six years old (more or less), he performed one of his first miracles. His father was a farmer and had to go to town. He told St. Anthony: "Son, go to the field and scare the birds, because otherwise they will eat up the harvest, and we will lose everything". St. Anthony obeyed his father and went.

But while he was in the field, he remembered that Jesus was in the Church in town, in the Eucharist, in the tabernacle. He was a little boy but his love of Jesus in the Eucharist was so great. He thought "I want to go to the Church to visit Jesus". But he had to scare the birds. So he said to the birds: "Little birds, in the name of Jesus, follow me". All the birds obeyed St. Anthony. He led all the birds to a huge barn of his father, closed the door, and went to Church to pray.

His father came back, and he didn't find St. Anthony in the field. But he didn't find any birds either. He was confused. "Anthony always obeys, where is Anthony?". He thought he would be at Church. When he found St. Anthony, praying in front of the tabernacle, he said to him: "Did I not tell you to scare the birds?". "Yes, but were there any birds there?". "Well, no...". "Come, daddy, I will show you where they are". St. Anthony opened the barn door, and all the birds were there, so quiet. St. Anthony had performed such a big miracle, only to visit Jesus, because he loved Jesus so much.

The Three Wise Men came from afar to see Jesus. We don't need to travel far to go to Mass or to visit Jesus. St. Anthony performed a miracle to be with Jesus. We don't need to perform a miracle to come to Church.

Do you love Jesus? Is Jesus your friend? Do you like to visit friends? Do you like to share a meal with your friends?

Jesus is our friend, we have to visit him. Jesus is waiting for us. Jesus thinks each day, "I would like it to be Sunday now, so I can enter the mouth of my little friends, and be with them forever". Do you leave your friends alone? Let us never leave Jesus alone. Let us come to Mass every Sunday. Let us pray to the Lord and to the Holy Virgin Mary, that they help us to do this.