St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

Cobourg, the birth place of a Hero

Cobourg, the birth place of a Hero

These are reflections that came to my mind after our trip to the States with our Youth and Altar Servers group. I hope they are useful! Fr. Andrew

How mysterious are the ways of the Lord! When I came to Cobourg, I didn't know that our town was the birth place of a hero of global fame. Nor did I know that he was a priest. And I didn't know either that, although he was a priest, his courage had made him a hero of war, to the point of being considered worthy of the post of regimental commander, and not only of chaplain. Fr. Francis Duffy, born in Cobourg, passed away in New York, resting now in Heaven, the most decorated priest in the history of the US Army.

I don't exaggerate if I say "a hero of global fame". Because in the most crowded place of Times Square in New York City, his statue, dark and epic, emerges proudly among the lights and worldly concerns of the famous square. At his back, there is a cross: the sign of our faith, the sign of the love of God, the sign of Jesus is there, indicating that it was the power of faith which made Francis Duffy a hero for the United States of America, and for our little town.

It is so important that we meditate on these things. Nowadays, how many nations try to take the cross away from schools, from public buildings and from social life. But the greatness of a hero and the pride of a nation would not allow anyone to take away the cross from Times Square. Times Square is not a church, it is not even a place of education or a museum. It is a market place, a "mundane" place, an open place. And from that Cross, forgotten and humble, the Lord wants to show the world that he loves us, and that he accompanies us on our way, in our joys and in our distresses. He accompanies us in the Bible, in the Eucharist, and also in the figure of the priest, as in Times Square.

Let us meditate on these things. The world wants to forget the Lord, but the Lord does not forget us. He came to the world once, to be with us forever. Let us make room for him in our lives. Let us love him as he loves us. . -Fr. Andrew


"On May the 30th our Altar Servers and Youth Group went on a 4 day trip to Washington DC and New York City. On this trip we saw many different sites, museums, attractions and more! We learned so much of the history, and people there. The most important thing that we learned on this trip was how to act when situations do not go exactly as planned. We learned the importance of sticking together and being a family, enjoying our time together. This trip was a once in a lifetime experience and we cannot wait to see what the future has planned for us" -Ali