St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg


Beloved Parishioners of St. Michaels, -August 28, 2013

I thank you so much for all the many signs of affection you have given me during these last days, at my farewell Masses, and Open House at the Columbus Community Centre. It was so beautiful to see so many of you there, to be with you and to say goodbye to you! I thank you all for the words I have received from each one of you, the so many cards I have received from you, which I read them all (it took me a while!), together with your great generosity for me and my new mission in California!

Thanks to you, I leave St. Michaels with a greater heart and a wonderful experience, and with the hope that I have helped you a little bit to pray more, to come closer to God, and to love Him more!

I love you very much, and I will keep praying for you always, and I ask you to please pray for me too! I hope to see you soon, and we can pray for this also!

Let us asked our Blessed Mother, to help us to continue our pilgrimage towards Heaven, our true Homeland!!!


Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Father Mario Avila, IVE

God bless you +

St Leo the Great Church (Diocese of San Jose, California)
88 Race St, San Jose, CA 95126



Good Bye, Fr. Mario


I want to give thanks to Fr. Mario for being a true companion. When you are a priest and work in a seminary, or in a parish, or in whatever situation, community life is so important. In our constitutions we read: A man, together with another man, grows in courage and strength, fear disappears, and he escapes from any possible trap.


Fr. Mario gave me those things. His presence, his advice some times, his support, his ideas, have been the cause of so much fruit for the parish. Decisions become easier when you have the agreement of someone else; you dont feel alone any more.


During the time I was taking courses or preparing my papers, to discuss with him about my studies has been so fruitful. Thanks to his patient ear and his questions, many times I could focus better my research and better understand many points. Our problems become clearer when we can talk to another person. And only then we are able to resolve them.


I have to thank him also for his patience. It must not be easy to live with a boy like me. Well, we are all human beings, and you dont choose your companion in the mission. Your companion will always be a human being. But it is through that human being that God wants to give you many graces. Roses have thorns. Be careful with the thorns, cover them, and you may enjoy a beautiful scent.


Mario, thank you. Hope you do well in California. You are a good guy, and the Church is expecting a lot from you. Be faithful to your Church. Bye for now. Fr. Andrew