St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

Farewell, Bishop De Angelis


Your Excellency, June 1, 2014


On behalf of our parish community, and especially of these confirmed young people, I would like to thank you for your presence today and during these 11 years in the Diocese.


When St. John Paul II had a difficult job to do, he did not hesitate to give it to Bishop De Angelis: for example, a Catholic university in Albania, a country with a great Islamic majority. Bishop De Angelis built schools and hospitals in poor places of India and Africa. He built hospitals for Aids patients in Italy. He has been a hero of the love of God for those who are in need.


St. John Paul II appointed him as Bishop of our diocese in 2002. Today, this diocese has a renewed spiritual and financial face. Bishop De Angelis would prefer to say that there is much more to do. He is right, but we are happy today because in these years we have moved forward, we have grown, with his help. Pope Benedict XVI entrusted to him with the task of a new Catholic College in the diocese. A challenge? Yes. A dream? Maybe. But I have the impression that the popes know that when you have something very difficult to do, you have to pray, and give it to Bishop De Angelis to get it done. Today the College is a reality, with an encouraging academic and financial support, with a clear way to the future.


He visited all the parishes in the diocese every year. He visited all prisoners in their institutions. Penitentiaries did not stop him, road police they did stop him, but only for warnings!


Bishop, you have called the IVE to serve the diocese with the College; you have called the IVE to serve this parish of St. Michael. You have helped me so much in these few years as pastor, with your advice, protection and support. You have visited us so many times, and support our parish in many ways. Bishop, we have a beautiful community today, thanks to you.


You are not taking from us anything. All we have tried to give you, you have always given to our youth. Bishop, at least take with you our memory, our prayers and the applause of a community who will miss you very much.


Fr. Andrew