St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

No Greater Love -Homily June 22, 2014

Corpus Christi


Today is the solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus Christi. It is a celebration of the mystery of the Eucharist. We stop to reflect on the presence of Jesus in the host, in holy communion: he is truly, really and substantially present with his body, blood, soul and divinity. As he is in Heaven, he is in holy communion, and the only difference is his appearance. In Heaven he looks like one of us; on earth, he looks like our food.


I was not intending to speak about the history of this celebration, but let it be said that a new and wondrous Eucharistic miracle in the year 1264 convinced Pope Urbanus IV of establishing a special celebration in honour of the Eucharist. We should also remember that it was the golden age of the universities, and not the time of credulity or popular tales. It was the time of Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas, Bonaventure, etc. This miracle, and the previous one of Lanciano (both in Italy) are still preserved, and they still provoke the wonder of modern science.


Jesus looks like our food. In a very deep sense, he is our food, he is the bread from Heaven (John 6:26-41). He is our spiritual food. Jesus in person desired to be our food, to be not only with us as a man, but within us as our food. No greater love can be imagined. No greater love


Let me reflect briefly about that. I enjoy thinking that Jesus became food to show us that he wants to be eaten. The only thing you can do with food is to eat it. Food is something for you to enjoy, it is for you. Jesus became bread because he wants you to enjoy him, he wants to be for you, he wants to be with you. The miracle of the Eucharist, in which we receive the true and real body of Jesus, ensures every Catholic that God loves us to the point of the unthinkable.


What happens if you dont eat the food? It is a waste. You dont buy a good steak to leave it in the fridge, but to enjoy you and your family. Jesus didnt become food to be enclosed in the tabernacle, but to be eaten. Even when we adore the host, in the monstrance or in the tabernacle, we should be mindful of this, and yearn and long for that moment in which we will be able to receive communion, to consume it again, to receive again the eternal kiss of the Almighty God. And remember: Jesus himself is longing for that moment. It is the only way to explain why he became food.


That is why we Catholics are never alone. That is why our churches are warm. We feel that we are important for someone. That someone is waiting for us. I may not come to church, and that is bad, but when I come back, Jesus will be there, and I will be at home again. If I come back, I will be welcome. That is also why some people, after receiving communion, leave the church. It is wrong, I know. But at the same time, I can understand it: people come to Church to receive something. They dont come to see the priest, they dont come because they are expecting a great sermon, they dont come for the music, even if it is beautiful. They come because they want communion. Communion is God, communion is free as love is free. I got it, I am good to go, they say


Please dont get me wrong. We should stay in church up to the end of Mass. I would like to say good bye to all of you, but please dont think that I am annoyed if you have to leave earlier.


We celebrate the Holy Eucharist, the most holy Body and Blood of Christ, the bread of eternal life that came down from Heaven. No greater love can be imagined. No greater lover, no greater gift, no greater miracle, no greater happiness. Thank you, Lord, for the Eucharist! May we always be faithful to you. May we always receive you with clean hands, with pure conscience. May we never abandon you. May we always remember that if you are food, it is because you are waiting for us. Fr. Andrew




Volunteers Required for Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is solely a consultative body, advising and assisting the Pastor in areas of Pastoral concern.


Four more members are required.

-Needed: -Potential candidates with strong faith and morals.

-Willing to give their time, talent and wisdom.

-People who can work in a consultative and collaborative manner.

-Willing to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council for the best interest of

the whole parish.


Those interested, please contact the office 905 372-6844. If more than four are interested, a parish election will occur.


Current members appointed by the Pastor are:

Laszlo and Henriette De Roth Bob and Susan Clement

Ken and Kathy Reid Jennifer and Peter Riccio,

Rick and Duane Hoffman Vic and Colleen Olsen,

Sr. Linda Gregg Pat Fleming


Parish Consultants who do not attend meetings but can be called for advice are:

Nancy Marrocco David Thomas

Phil and Mary Calnan Rob Majdell

Peter and Suzanne Delanty Carol Lawless

Ria Collins Reg and Dorothy Ward