St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

Count Your Blessings! -June 29, 2014


It is a good time to give thanks. A year of thanksgiving, the end of the academic year and the beginning of summer. The more you give thanks to God, the more you receive from him, because he sees that his blessings move us closer to him by thanksgiving. We have not to be people who remember God only when something bad happens. We have not to be people who realize how much they have only after they have lost it. Let us give thanks to the Lord! He has been good to us in many ways.


Let me first just mention the material blessings that come to my mind, and then some other blessings. Despite being so many, the fact that I may forget important things is just another proof of how much God loves us.


Donations. For the Parish Centre: a new fridge, a new stove, a flat screen TV, a new door, an air hockey, a foosball, a piano, balls and supplies for the children. For the Church: a whole stain glass window, sacristy supplies (an extra Mass book, cruets, candle lighter), various clothes and linen, a stair case for the towers, new fans. A very important donation to the cemetery is at present being arranged. Can you imagine the cost of all these things? Why all these to us? Because we deserve it? No! Because God is a good Father.


Care and Maintenance. Thanks to the second collection we started this year and your continuous and generous support, the following projects could be completed: the brick work of the upper part of the Church, works in the basement of the parish centre and green areas, repair of the lamps in front of the Church, cement works, and many others. If we can give something to others, it is because we have first received from God. Thanks be to God, who allows you to be generous! Even our health and our very lives depend on him.


Much work has been also donated to the parish in the above said projects and others like: re-installation of the statue of St. Joseph, repair to the bust of John Paul II (donated to St. Mary School), repair of the statues of the nativity scene and donation of a new cupboard to keep it safe, repair of the Celtic cross, etc. Thanks be to God for giving generosity, health, and time to those who work for the parish! May God always bless them!


On a more pastoral view, there are also many things we need to thank God. We are in the process of editing a book with the history of our parish; the re-starting of the Parish Pastoral Council; a new Seniors Social Club; an Oratory with activities and games for our girls; the appointment of new Eucharistic Ministers for the visit to the sick; another trip to the CN Tower with the children; etc. We need to give thanks to God also for the works accomplished by Bishop De Angelis during his almost 12 years in our Diocese, and for our new Bishop, the Most Rev. William T. McGrattan.


Who is behind all these things? Our volunteers, the parish committees, the Sisters, the members of so many parish organizations, the staff, the sacristans and liturgical groups, the choirs, our parishioners, even those who cannot attend church and support and pray for us from their beds. Thank you to all! Thanks be to God for you all! The most beautiful gift from God is your life, your presence here at St. Michaels. I would like you all to give thanks to God for everything you are and you have, and for everything our parish is and has.


Finally, the one who is behind all these things is our God. If there is something to give thanks even more to him, is his presence among us, his real presence in the Eucharist. -Fr. Andrew