St. Michael's Parish - Cobourg

Silence to Listen -Homily July 13, 2014 Fr. Higinio

Today Jesus is teaching with the parables of the sower a great mystery: to listen to the word of God and put it into practice.

The seed is the Word of God. The path, rocky ground, thorns and good soil are our souls. It depends on us how we listen and live the Word of God.

Many times I remember the advice of my brother: first read or listen to the question, and after try to answer. If you do not know the question, you probably will give the wrong answer.

One practical and effective way to listen is silence. Silence is important, and can help us to listen, to reflect, to think in order to act in the best way.

An observation of St Augustines is valid: Verbo crescente, verba deficiunt (when the word of God increases, the words of men fail).

Mother Teresa said interesting things about silence that we want share with you:

In the silence of the heart God speaks; let God fill us, then only we speak. Often we say uncharitable words. They come from us, from our heart, not from God speaking through us, because we are not listening to God.

God cannot deceive or be deceived. Then if we keep silence, silence does not need to be corrected; if we speak, if we answer back, we make mistakes

There can be no real silence in my heart if there is something I do not forgive, if there is something that I do not forget. I am busy with that one so I cannot hear How can I hear what God is saying if something is there in my heart?

In the silence of the heart God speaks. An empty heart God fills. Even Almighty God cannot fill a heart that is full full of pride, bitterness, jealousy- we must give these things up. Silence of the heart, not only of the mouth that too is necessary- but more than that: silence of the mind, silence of the eyes, silence of touch. Then you can hear Him everywhere: in the closing of the door, in the person who needs you, in the birds that sing, in the flowers, the animals that silence is wonder and praise. Why? Because God is everywhere and you can see and hear Him.  

If we keep silence, we can meet Jesus in our neighbour and the activities we daily live. There is a beautiful prayer of Mother Teresa, where she describes who Jesus is, and how she founded him:


Who is Jesus to me?

Jesus is God.

The Son of God

The 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity

The Son of Mary

The Word made Flesh.

Jesus is the Word I speak

The Light I lit

The Life I live

The Love I love

The Joy I share

The Peace I give

The Strength I use

The hungry I feed

The naked I clothe

The homeless I take in

The sick I nurse

The child I teach

The lonely I console

The unwanted I want




The mentally ill I befriend

Jesus is the helpless I help

The beggar I welcome

The leper I wash

The drunkard I guide

The Bread of Life I eat

The Sacrifice I offer

The Cross I carry

The pain I bear

The prayer I pray

The loneliness I share

The sickness I accept

Jesus is my God.


Our Lady pondered the words of God in her heart. We too like her must learn that silence which will enable us to ponder His words in our hearts and so grow in love.